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Beta Trailer! And a new website!

Posted on December 18, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey there!
We have finished a new trailer for the beta of Star Villains and Space Heroes. It shows off some nice video gameplay of stuff we've done since the demo. Have a look!


We've also finished site renovations, along with a shiny new domain name! Check out for new information on factions, some new screenshots, ships lists, and loads of other cool things.

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August 25th - Development Blog - AI Development

Posted on August 26, 2013, by Nertea.

For AI in the beta version, we've made many improvements from the demo. Everything is new, everything is better and you'll notice the result when playing the game. To do this, I've combined the two common approaches to AI in doing this - a finite state machine (FSM) and behaviour trees. I was explaining the system to Alex today and he suggested I write up a post on it, so I did! You can read it over at the devlog. Because it's a whole bunch o' words, I also included some nice pictures.





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August 15th - Beta Screenshots!

Posted on August 15, 2013, by Nertea.

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything around these parts! Rest assured that we're still working hard on getting the next version out. We'll actually have some more info on release plans in the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Here are some screenshots from our latest beta build, which is coming together quite nicely. Of note - directional shadows, new skyboxes and lots of cool effects.

scr04.jpg  scr06.jpg

Head over and check out the rest of the screenshots over at IndieDB.

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March 27th: Development Blog - Alex Tears Apart a Starship

Posted on March 27, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey all,


We've started up a development blog over here. We are going to try to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Right now we're going to be doing a set of three features on what goes into producing improved destruction models for Star Villains and Space Heroes. The first one - Alex Tears Apart a Starship - is up now, in which Alex talks about how he goes about  cutting up and destroying his models. 




Once you've read it - and it is awesome, I assure you - stay tuned as I'll be adding my two cents sometime on the weekend.


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February 4th: EMPOL Faction Feature

Posted on February 4, 2013, by Nertea.

We've just finished the first of our Faction Features, featuring the omnipresent humans in the guise of EMPOL, the Earth-Milky-Way Political Organization.




You can check out their faction page by clicking on the EMPOL logo on the Game Info page on the website or by heading over to our IDB page.


Stay tuned for additional faction and starship features in the upcoming week!

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