An upcoming 3D space combat game where you command capital ships in epic space battles.

June 29th: Development Blog - How to Design a Starship Part II

Posted on June 30, 2013, by Nertea.

We've just put together another blog entry - more video, continuing last week's piece. In this, Alex will talk about his work with sound effects, and I get a chance to talk about special effects and putting ships ingame. Enjoy!



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June 21st: Development Blog - How to Design a Starship Part I

Posted on June 21, 2013, by Nertea.

Despite the fact that Calgary is flooded, we're still hard at work!


Check out the newest development blog entry - it's a video, containing an excellent narrated timelapse of Alex designing, modeling and texturing a starship. I have personally watched it 3 times, because I enjoy it so much.




Part II will follow... soon.

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March 3rd: Demo Release

Posted on March 4, 2013, by Nertea.



The demo for Star Villains and Space Heroes is here! You can download it over at IndieDB.


As we've mentioned before, the demo contains a limited preview of what we want to accomplish with the full game. 

If you like the demo, tell your friends! The more people who play it, the better!


If you have any issues with installation or the game itself, please let us know in the Discussion section. I'll get a dedicated troubleshooting/bug reports forum up soon. 

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February 23rd: AIAD Faction Feature

Posted on February 24, 2013, by Nertea.

Here's our second faction feature - AIAD: the robot faction. 




You can check out their faction page by clicking on theAIAD logo on the Game Info page on the website or by heading over to our IDB page.


Additionally, have three more wallpapers featuring the AIAD.


wp04.thumb.jpg wp05.thumb.jpg wp06.thumb.jpg


We're just about done the demo - expect it within the next week or two!

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